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Selco Seal

Selco Seal

Selco Seal

Formed in 1973, Sealing Corporation has evolved into a diversified Sealing Technology Company and now services a multitude of industries worldwide. To expand its market share, Sealing Corporation has contracted globally with several experienced and competent distributors and has entered into various marketing collaborations with well known international Sealing Technology Leaders.

Self Locating Gaskets for Gas Turbines

The SELF LOCATOR gasket is a complete stainless steel containment of a sealing element offering a true compression seal. The patented design gives you long term reliability without flange welding and eliminates misalignment on installation. Due to its universal sizing, one gasket fits ALL FLANGE PRESSURE CLASSES, eliminating the chance of incorrect gasket selection. The most important feature of the gasket is the high unit load generated by the narrow sealing area provides a considerably higher flange clamping pressure and a better seal at a lower clamping force. The standard gasket material is 304 SS, with two (2) tracks of Flexible Graphite sealing elements.

High Visibility Coating

Pinnacle Parts has enhanced the standard Selco Seal SELF LOCATOR gasket with the addition of a high visibility coating on the visible edge of the gasket frame. This coating is color coded for rapid identification of size and model saving your support team time and money.

Selco Seal SELF LOCATOR gaskets are available in a variety of sizes in original format or with the high visibility coating upgrade.

SizeOEM Part #Color
1 1/4″PPS1002743KRed
1 1/2″PPS1002744KGreen
2 1/2″PPS1002755KGold
Color Coated Gaskets
Standard Gaskets


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