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PSC Expansion to South America

Pinnacle Parts and Service Corporation Expands to South American

Pinnacle Parts and Service Corporation, a leading provider of power generation and
industrial parts, is proud to announce the expansion of its distribution network to South
America. The company will bring several industry-renowned manufacturers, including,
Flexitallic, Parker Hannifin, and Chentronics, to better serve customers across the region.
Pinnacle PSC offers a large range of critical spare parts to its fast-paced industries in South
America. This expansion solidifies Pinnacle’s position as a trusted partner for power
generation and industrial components, backed by its commitment to exceptional customer
By partnering with industry leaders like Flexitallic, Chentronics, and a wide variety of
manufacturers, we are well-equipped to provide our South American customers with the
high-quality products and support they require to keep their operations running smoothly.
This latest expansion of Pinnacle’s distribution network to South America is a testament to
the company’s dedication to its customers and its position as a trusted partner in the power
generation and industrial sectors.

Chentronics, LLC provides innovative, High Energy Ignition (HEI) and flame detection technology for the power generation, utility, petrochemical, industrial, marine and green environment industries. We have:


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